Hamm & Uys Eatery

at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate


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Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 (a la carte, kitchen closes at 17h00) 

Friday: 17:00 - 22:00 (burgers, pizza & live music: kitchen closes at 21h00) 

Sunday Roast: 11:00 – 15:00 

Mondays: Closed 



Mondays OPEN: 16 December 10:00 – 18:00 (kitchen closes at 17h00) 

23 December 10:00 – 18:00 (kitchen closes at 17h00) 

30 December 10:00 – 18:00 (kitchen closes at 17h00)

Call or Whatsapp message 066 495 0270, or email to book your spot.

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Click here for Hamm & Uys by die Huis Menu

Hello! We’re Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys, and we’ve been given the incredible privilege of setting up shop on Blaauwklippen Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. 


Our first foray into the bright South African foodie limelight was the result of our participation in the KykNet programme Kokkedoor 2, which Johnny went on to win (lekker Johnny!). In 2013, we established Slippery Spoon Kitchen, a catering company that took us to some of the most epic spaces throughout South Africa, which is also how we became the preferred wedding caterers at Blaauwklippen's glass cathedral before we were offered a permanent gig. 


Inspired by the surroundings on the 337-year-old farm with its carefully preserved heritage buildings, our relaxed, country-style eatery offers the nostalgia of your mom’s cooking, reinvented for the modern palate.

Along with our new space, we also gained a carefully chosen team member - Renette Botha, a very talented chef who helps us to make sense of our wild ideas and ensures that all the everyday magic happens on time. This humble girl from Louise Trichardt earned her stripes at some of the Western Cape's most celebrated eateries and has become an invaluable member of the Hamm & Uys family.

Think hot cross boa buns and fried pickled fish in a mosbolletjie jacket served in the shadow of a Cape Dutch gable; and Criplene tart and piping hot rooibos dished up in a fresh, modern interior that plays with light, texture and space. It’s the best of both, and then some. Oh, and did we mention we do a Sunday roast...? Yup. We don’t stop laying it out until those tables are groaning. 

Here’s a link to our current seasonal menu, which is subject to change since we only ever cook with the very best locally-sourced ingredients. Top tip! Get in touch if you’re headed our way for a particular dish so we can tell you if it’s currently on the lineup or not.



Okay, so you know how you visit some wine farms in Stellenbosch and you go, oh my word, how amazing is this? It’s so gorgeous it feels like I’ve stepped into a little slice of heaven. Can this even be real, please hold me while I swoon like a girl in a Daniel Steele novel and simultaneously check in on Instagram? 


Blaauwklippen is this, but times a 1000. It’s the word ‘breathtaking’ epitomised. For our team, it’s an incredible privilege to have been given this utterly divine space as a backdrop to our cooking stage, and we draw untold inspiration from the legacy that permeates the entire estate. 


At the same time, we also prefer things to be welcoming and casual, so you don’t need to fret about a lot of pomp and circumstance. Children are most welcome, and if you’re headed our way straight from the beach, we won’t bat an eyelid at sandy toes and vakansie-plakkies. 


Just come on over so we can feed you some delicious food in our pretty space!



Ah, the Contact Us page. If you’re here, we bet you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to book. The short answer is yes! 


The long answer is yes, it’s always a good idea to book because then we can give you our best table (AKA, pretty views and close to the food!) and when we know to expect you we can limber up to bring you our A-game. 


Jokes, we always bring our A-game, but it helps to know how many of you lovely people we’ll have the privilege to feed at our gorgeous new establishment. 


So, without further ado, here are those details you’re looking for: